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WebOlap Add-in Manager version 3.42

This enhancement to EUREKA:Strategy provides the following functionality

  • Displays error messages for failed reports, and add-ins executed after a ReportPrompt
  • Allows execution of add-in steps after a ReportPrompt
  • Provides support for background report execution


This is a EUREKA:Strategy script used to allow generation of reports using a UNIX batch scheduler, or as a standalone UNIX process.

Use BatchReport to generate shared reports, and allow system operations to monitor status. BatchReport has facilities to allow customization of the report prior to execution, so variations on a basic report template can be easily implemented.


This add-in is designed to expand filters to be used on a prompted report, prior to presentation of the prompt to the user. This add-in is useful for installations having row level security on a dimension table, and wish each user to receive a list of selection choices appropriate for their security level.


SecretAgent is an upgrade to the standard report loading script in a Report Definition File, (rep.axv), which allows additional steps to be executed as part of a report generation. SecretAgent can be used for reports that are scheduled to execute, where add-ins are normally not executed


This add-in is designed to place the prompted constraint values into the footer of a report. Any existing footer is replaced by the footer built with this script. Useful for providing automatic documentation for a report.

String Function Library     Updated Updated

The String function library contains a set of useful routines not included in the scripting language. The library contains common functions like Upper(), Lower(), Left(), Right(), Replace(), NReplace(), GetLastNode(), StripLastNode(), QuoteString(), etc.


  • German umlaut characters ÜÄÖ for Upper() and Lower()
  • NReplace and Replace may now contain the search string in the replace string

Logging Function Library

The Logging function library contains a set of useful routines to add standardized logging to the scripting language. Use this library to provide debug, and event logging for your scripts. Log records are written as tab delimited records into a text file, allowing for automated analysis by other processes.


This script prints the contents of a stream file as a tab delimited text file. The script serves as a scripting language example for reading stream files.