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Business Intelligence Cycle

A business activity starts the cycle. This could be a sale, purchase from a vendor, a price change, updating contact information, and a wide variety of other business events.

Business activity results in some kind of transaction into a system designed to capture that activity.

Extract, transformation and load processes are used to place transactional information in your Data Warehouse.

Users use a variety of tools to analyze and report on the information in the data warehouse.

The object of the analysis is to provide information to make some business decision, which in turn causes another business event to occur.


In many organizations there is no direct link between the decision making systems, and the operational systems used to record the business events. Using BI:Scope add-ins corporations can define intelligent links between their business intelligence solutions, and their supporting systems. Capitalizing on the content smart features of BI:Scope, add-ins can recognize what information a user is viewing, and has selected, and perform appropriate action on the users behalf. Actions could be as simple as displaying the appropriate dialog to perform an update, or a fully automated process involving many steps.

The automation of this final phase of the cycle allows users to easily flow between disparate systems and retain a context for the current operation. This reduces the effort required to perform the operation, and allows users to more easily focus on the business task being performed.