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Specialized CA EUREKA:Strategy® Consulting

M87systems Corporation are recognized as leaders in the support and customization of CA Eureka:Strategy, formerly CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy®, formerly Information Advantage. While Eureka:Strategy has reached end-of-life, we still provide services for this legacy solution.

M87systems Corporation can provide a complete range of advanced support, customization and integration services as well as the following custom services:

  • Platform migration for EUREKA:Strategy reports when migrating between UNIX operating systems
  • Query Interceptor applications for dynamic SQL tuning, dynamic segmentation, caching
  • extend the scripting language with a Java framework for compression, messaging, systems integration, and other uses
  • Developer training for Windows and scripted clients
  • Metadata Integration
  • Batch Integration

M87systems Corporation also has a line of packaged solutions integrated with Eureka:strategy that were ca smart™ certified

See how our Report Deployment product BI:Scope® and our Intelligent Template Reporting product BI:Prompt® can give your web users the power they have with their desktop applications.