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Metadata Services

M87systems Corporation staff have designed and developed metadata solutions for commercial software vendors and provided metadata guidance for government and corporate clients.

Metadata Realms

Metadata Realms

Metadata, (data about data) is an often misunderstood and vastly under-estimated challenge for most corporations. Many corporations start a Technical Metadata initiative as an after thought to a major data warehouse/business intelligence implementation and fall prey to the common Metadata Don'ts.

Metadata is a strategic corporate resource not just to reduce IT costs by implementing Technical Metadata, but also empowering business users with Business Metadata, and streamlining applications using Runtime Metadata.

Metadata is a solution to real corporate problems not just a fancy gadget to display help. Metadata can be used to address real corporate issues like:

  • Increasing IT application maintenance and development costs
  • Increasing training costs
  • Increasing application redundancy
  • Loss of corporate intellectual property
  • Poor data quality
  • Key enabler for Service Oriented Architectures