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Oracle Enterprise Repository Services

M87systems Corporation provides complete services for the deployment, integration and customization of the Oracle Enterprise Repository, (OER).

M87systems has extensive experience implementing OER and has created one of the largest repositories holding over 350,000 assets.

Services available include:

  • Learn best practices for designing custom asset types, attributes, and relationships to enable reporting
  • Customize UDDI registry publishing to apply Approve First processing for tighter controls over your SOA Governance
  • Customize UDDI registry publishing to automatically fix up endpoints that are not reported properly in clustered environments
  • Extend web service harvesting to automatically link physical service assets to higher level logical assets
  • Extend OER for Application Inventory and Governance
  • Create content driven workflows and notifications to enable workflows to named individuals, and communities
  • Enable metadata reporting using custom attributes for impact analysis, contact reports, and other useful reporting
  • Leverage OER events to integrate information with other systems via messaging and web services

See our R:Views solution for exposing your OER information for reporting using your favorite business intelligence or query and reporting tools.


DAO Design Pattern: Asset Domain Mapping

Asset Domain Mapping