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Business Intelligence User Technology

Understanding the technology needs of your users is key to having success with Business intelligence. Different categories of users require different tool sets to support their activity.

Business Intelligence requires a series of tools, including common office automation tools, developer tools, and specialty tools designed to perform a particular kind of analysis. Knowing how these tools are used and who uses them in your organization is critical to your success.

The majority of users will use pre-build applications to perform BI activities. The simplicity of tools, and training can move some of your consumers into the consumer developer realm, but the vast majority will stay as consumers. While this may seem to add an additional burden to your organization, it is actually an opportunity to realize the benefits of Data Warehousing, allowing for the centralized and approved definition of business measures and analysis methodologies, and reducing overall time spent supporting BI activity by removing redundant activity, and increasing productivity by utilizing resources adept at creating applications.

Use our Business Intelligence Requirements Checklist to help you evaluate your users technology needs.