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Enabling Governance Reporting

M87systems Corporation introduces R:Views, a new packaged solution supporting the Oracle Enterprise Repository, (OER).

R:Views is designed to allow customers to expose data in OER for reporting using their preferred business intelligence or query and reporting tools. This allows customers to extend the built-in reporting capabilities of OER to provide custom reporting of asset attributes, categorizations and build reports using related assets.

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Enabling Business Intelligence

BI:Axis is a Java application framework designed to perform business intelligence tasks. BI:Axis provides a combination of features typically found in a variety of tools, such as ETL, and reporting tools.

BI:Axis is a unified series of components specifically designed to perform BI functions, executed under a framework engineered for efficient data manipulation.

Under Development

Legacy Solutions for CA Eureka:Strategy


Delivering Business Intelligence

BI:Scope is a web enabled , rich client , Report Deployment product for your business intelligence reports. BI:Scope is currently integrated with CA Eureka:Strategy, (formerly CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy, Information Advantage) by Computer Associates.



Accessible Business Intelligence

BI:Prompt is a web enabled , rich client , Intelligent Template Reporting™ product integrated with CA Eureka:Strategy by Computer Associates.

BI:Prompt Intelligent Template Reporting gives organizations the ability make complex reporting accessible to users at all levels, and gives business analysts the ability to personalize those reports to satisfy their own business requirements.