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Accessible Business Intelligence

BI:Prompt is a web enabled , rich client , Intelligent Template Reporting™ product integrated with CA Eureka:Strategy by Computer Associates.

BI:Prompt Intelligent Template Reporting gives organizations the ability make complex reporting accessible to users at all levels, and gives business analysts the ability to personalize those reports to satisfy their own business requirements.

Key Features

  • Zero Application Administration for applying upgrades. Optional intelligent local code cache to reduce network traffic and improve client performance
  • Multiple prompt types for flexible information gathering. Metadata driven prompts for advanced report design.
  • Background and overnight report execution. BI:Scope Scheduler add-in and applet for displaying the background job queue, and canceling jobs.
  • Built-in and advanced scripted validation, and Mandatory prompts
  • M87ReportDesignWizard employs cascading prompts to guide users through interactive report design.
  • BI:Scope add-in BIPDesigner for maintaining Intelligent Report Template definition files.
  • BI:Scope add-in BIPReprompt allows reports to be redesigned when viewed in BI:Scope.
ca smart M87systems Corporation’s, BI:Prompt version 1.0 has been certified ca smart with CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy versions 5.75, 5.76, 5.77, 5.8, 6.0, 6.01 and 6.2.


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