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Delivering Business Intelligence

BI:Scope is a web enabled , rich client , Report Deployment product for your business intelligence reports. BI:Scope uses a provider technology to allow it to interact with business intelligence sources and provide a single consistent view for the client.

Key Features

  • CA Eureka:Strategy (formerly CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy, Information Advantage), provider for tight integration with WebOlap
  • Zero Application Administration for applying upgrades. Optional intelligent local code cache to reduce network traffic and improve client performance
  • Report Smart Presentation displays reports one section at a time using dynamic paging, section selection, scroll locking, and Report Search for easy navigation of even the largest report.
  • Window zoom detaches the report display from the browser into a resizable window for full screen presentation
  • High quality printing with print preview, fit-to-page, scaling, headers and footers with logos and dynamic tags. Report striping options allow even the widest report to print in a usable format.
  • Report Transfer allows you to download your report in various file formats
  • Interactive formatting allows you to apply a basic style to your report, insert lines and text, format calculations, and apply conditional formatting. Calculations can be formatted for action reports and traffic light reports for executive presentation and dashboards
  • Interactive filtering allows you to hide rows and columns using complex rules. Use filtering to help derive meaning from a report, focus on issues, recognize patterns, and subset reports to pass to colleagues
  • Content Smart Integration Add-ins provide a simple yet powerful extension framework allowing corporate developers to link business intelligence information with other applications, and provide custom reporting features.
  • BI:Scope ESReportDesigner™ add-in for interactive, metadata driven report creation. Business analysts can change the current report definition, and run the new report, submit it for background execution, or save a copy of the definition.
  • BI:Scope ReportFlow™ add-in for creating a guided analysis to support a business process. BI:Scope ReportFlow allows clients to dynamically generate new reports by selecting the information to be reported on in the current report. This allows analysts to concentrate on the business function, and not have to break concentration to go create a new report to explore the information.
  • BI:Scope Scheduler add-in for monitoring the CA Eureka:Strategy background scheduler, and canceling jobs


M87systems Corporation’s, BI:Scope version 1.0 has been certified ca smart with CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy versions 5.75, 5.76, 5.77, 5.8, 6.0, 6.01 and 6.2.


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