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BI:Scope® Change summary

Release 2.3.0


  • New first row filled on report display. When scrolling a report the first line of the report displayed in the grid will have all its dimension values filled to make reading longer reports easier. First row filled is also applied when freezing rows and columns.
  • New report selection listeners for selection based formatting. The popup menu is now sensitive to selections and provides options to insert formatting operations based on selections. In some cases conditions will be built to assist in complex expression creation
  • Enhancements to the BISSelectionServices object to perform common analysis on the selections to identify rows and columns, the dimensions and calculations in the selections, etc.


  • The BISAddin constants used to identify the keys to the runtime hash have been deprecated, and moved to the new com.m87systems.bi_scope.client.util.BISConstants class
  • The edit menu options are now sensitive to whether selections have been made on the report
  • Updated Java Doc to document changes for BI:Scope add-ins


  • When searching using frozen rows, the found item was not always visible in the window
  • When scrolling the report display 1 row at a time, and a page break line was hidden, the next row did not display and an additional scroll request was required
  • When a row dimension was filtered out, the column labels did not move appropriately
  • When a large amount of interactive formatting was performed, it was possible to overload the servers HTTP GET request buffer. Formatting requests are now processed using the POST method
  • BISSelectionServices built an empty data table when a dimension name was selected. This has been corrected to return no data table

Release 2.2.0


  • New BI:Scope ESReportDesignerâ„¢ add-in for interactive modifications to the current report definition. The ESReportDesigner allows you to submit the modified report for immediate execution, background execution, or over night
  • Enhanced metadata caching for improved performance for the new design components
  • New BISAddinServices method , updateVariablesCreate(), to generate variables for updateVariableFile() method calls. The new method generates transactions as the delta between an original SectionedProperties property object and a updated SectionedProperties object.
  • BISAddinServices enhanced to support the updating of a StatusDataConnection status bar component to provide feedback for server based services.


  • The BISAddinServices updateVariableFile() method will now remove variables that have no value assigned to them.
  • Format property handling improved to reduce the number of properties stored, and remove redundant properties from the definition
  • The order was reversed for the Help About and Help Contents menu items
  • BI:Scope BIReport xml generation changed to omit the AUTO_PROMPT, PROMPT, and WEB_DIM_INFO sections from the report properties. These sections are work sections created during CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy operations and not critical to the report definition. This can significantly reduce the size of the properties section of the BIReport xml


  • The File Dialog remove function did not always remove the file
  • Column labels would not display
  • Page setup properties not saved properly when multi line headers and footers used
  • Conditional column formatting may not be applied when multiple conditional operations where defined, and the last operation was a conditional column format, and a previous condition was already met.
  • M87Scheduler did not display some jobs that had a SUBMITTED status

Release 2.1.0


  • New code distribution model to reduce network downloads on upgrades, and across M87systems rich client products
  • BISFileServices can now provide the location of the users home directory on the application server
  • BISFileServices file security expanded to include access to the add-ins profile roots
  • BISFileServices enhanced to provide internationalized error message translation
  • New BI:Scope Add-in runtime parameter BIS_RUNTIME_CURRENT_REPORT which returns the current report definition (java class BRReport)
  • New BI:Scope Add-in runtime parameter BIS_RUNTIME_SELECTION_SERVICES which returns a BISSelectionServices object for inquiring on current selections (java class BISSelectionServices). This new service object can provide the user selections and addition common routines.
  • New format line styles of Comment and Page Break. Comment lines are like text lines. Page Break lines insert page breaks in printed output. Insert page break lines using the conditional formatter, or the general formatter.
  • New View Page Breaks menu item to control the display of Page Break format lines. By default page break format lines are not displayed.
  • Improved performance for formatter dialog display
  • BISReportFlow add-in enhanced to use the new selection services object and report object.


  • The BI:Scope BISAddin Interface has been changed to provide a single consistent interface for all add-ins regardless of their function, and reduce the overhead for add-ins that do not process user selections.
  • BI:Scope Addin definition FactIntersectionSelection has been discontinued as add-ins will get the choice from the new BISSelectionServices object.
  • New BI:Scope BISAddin Interface

    The BISAddin interface has been changed.

    BI:Scope addins had to implement the BISAddin interface which consisted of this single method

    public BISAddinReturn execute(Hashtable runtimeInfo, ArrayList dataTable);

    The interface has been changed to remove the reference to the dataTable

    public BISAddinReturn execute(Hashtable runtimeInfo);

    The dataTable information is now available from a runtime object called BISSelectionServices, which provides a variety of methods related to the current report selections

    Existing BI:Scope Addins can be easily upgraded by changing this:

    public BISAddinReturn execute(Hashtable runtimeInfo, ArrayList dataTable)


    ArrayList selections = dataTable;


    To this:

    public BISAddinReturn execute(Hashtable runtimeInfo)


    BISSelectionServices selectionServices = (BISSelectionServices) runtimeInfo.get(BIS_RUNTIME_SELECTION_SERVICES);
    ArrayList selections = selectionServices.getSelectedDataTable(true);


  • Print Setup repeat column headers property was not being honoured
  • BISFileServices FileDialog File open directory and copy options not displaying at proper times