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Screen Shots

BI:Scope® Main Dialog

BI:Scope displays reports in a familiar spreadsheet like grid. The top toolbar contains functions native to BI:Scope. The toolbar also shows the ImageEditor, Agent Scheduler and ReportFlow add-ins are available on this report. The report also has a defined help dialog, signified by the report help button next to the BI:Scope help.

The side toolbar provides functions native to the source, in this case CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy. The following functions are presented:

  • Section and report paging buttons
  • Layout
  • Export
  • Charting
  • Drill Options
  • Save
  • Sort (a BI:Scope function)

You can freeze rows and columns, and detach the report from the browser window for full screen viewing. The status bar contains various status components which are displayed to show the status of the server connection, report transfer status, printing, etc.

BI:Scope Main Dialog