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Enabling Governance Reporting

M87systems Corporation introduces R:Views, a new packaged solution supporting the Oracle Enterprise Repository, (OER).

R:Views is designed to allow customers to expose data in OER for reporting using their preferred business intelligence or query and reporting tools. This allows customers to extend the built-in reporting capabilities of OER to provide custom reporting of asset attributes, categorizations and build reports using related assets.

R:Views provides the following features:

  • Creates a series of performance tuned views that can be used to expose OER asset information to your preferred reporting and business intelligence tools.
  • Views created to allow for:
    • List reports by asset type
    • Composite asset type reports to support asset type inheritance in query and reporting
    • Reports spanning related assets such as contacts for an application, or services exposed on a service bus
    • Hierarchical queries for tracking service execution flows or escalation reports
    • Group reports such as all contacts for an application
    • Multiple values assigned to an attribute to be reported as a delimited list allowing for 1 line per asset type in Excel and other reports
    • Simplified query for custom applications and ETL operations
  • Flexible view name and attribute naming to support corporate naming standards
  • XML based view metadata defining:
    • Views generated and OER asset type the view describes
    • Views generated and OER assets types and relationship being used
    • Views generated and OER relationships being used for groups of like related assets
    • Views generated for multiple value attributes and categorizations
    • Attributes in views and related OER attribute
    • Join specifications for views generated
  • HTML translation of view metadata for lookup during report and query creation
  • Warnings for OER asset information not available for reporting
  • View generation scripts for Windows and Unix/Linux for inclusion in automated deployment processes
  • View generation for multiple instances of OER with automatic instance selection for generation

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